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Imagun, Inc. Glossary of Techno Babble
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Program that automatically responds to incoming e-mail messages.



About one million bytes of computer data. About one thousand kilobytes.


  Microsoft NetMeeting

Similar to Cusee-Me, Microsoft's NetMeeting Allows for Video Conferencing on intranets and the internet. Obviously you need a camera to let someone see who you are, but not to see them. Full audio and video. It is available free from Microsoft.


  Microsoft Media Player

A streaming technology used for presentations on the web whether a business presentation composed of JPG files and audio or an AVI file (movie) formatted to an .ASF file to stream. Also used for real-time NET Casting. Allowing for actual television type broadcasts on the Net. file types .asf, .asx. wmv.



Multi Purpose Mail Extensions. The standard format for attaching non-text file such as graphics, spreadsheets, formatted word documents and sound files, to text based electronic mail messages, and the method to turn it back to its original form. If an E-mail program is said to be MIME compliant it can both send and receive file using MIME standard.



Naples Florida Web Design IMAGUN   Naples Florida Web Design IMAGUN

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