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Imagun, Inc. Glossary of Techno Babble
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  C or C++

A higher level programming language. It was developed in an attempt to give programming a more language base syntax instead of the code base syntax of languages such as Assembly, Cobol, or Fortran. It is used for all levels of programming from CGI scripts to full blown desktop applications.


  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading style sheets are an addition to the html language. They allow you to format your webpage either as individual elements or as an entire block or page. They are called cascading because they allow you to layer the objects contained within your document. Cascading style sheets also allow absolute positioning on your pages. Placement can now be absolute no matter what size monitor you are looking at which gives designers greater control over the appearence of there webpages.


  CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

CGI serves as a gateway between information servers and/or databases. For instance, it can take files transmitted from an IMAGUN database, translate those files into a form readable by a client server, then return the result to the original database. Whatever your CGI program does, processing should be quick. Hey, you would not wish your viewer to lose interest. CGI programs can be written using C, Perl or other programming languages.



A forum for real-time, public or private, discussions of issues. Some use graphical interfaces such as Microsoft's Comic Chat and Real Worlds 3D, some are only text based. Participants log in and type questions and responses. Chat can support multiple users simultaneously. Some hot items for all time chat while you are online are ICQ or AOL / MSN Instant Messager, which allows for people to find you online whenever you sign on.



A piece of information sent by A Web Server to a Web Browser that the Browser software is expected to save and to send back to the server whenever the browser makes additional requests from the server. The Browser may or may not accept the cookie, and may save the Cookie for a long or short time. Cookies might contain information such as login or registration info, online "shopping cart" information, user preferences, etc.



Cost Per Thousand. A term used in banner advertising which refers to the rate charged for the banner based on every 1,000 views of the page that contains the banner.



Click Through Ratio. A term used for banner advertising. It is the number of viewers of a banner compared to the number that actually click - through to the page that the banner advertises.



Video conferencing software developed by Cornell University and White Pine. This software enables real time video conferencing with chat in color or black and white. "Look out Captain Kirk", Of course you need a camera, so the other party can see you. Hey it helps!



Naples Florida Web Design IMAGUN   Naples Florida Web Design IMAGUN

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